I have learned over the years that I am not the only person who loves Halloween more then the Silly Season, ala Christmas.

In the beginning…

When I was growing up in the late 60s, early 70s even in South Florida, sweltering heat Halloween was still the most magical Holiday there was.

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These days pregnancy and birth is all about empowering the parents through education and information. I agree it is a good thing to read, process and definitely ask others if you have questions.

Moms to be make a birth plan hoping hospital and caregiver will follow them. Many procedures are optional, and you have a right to say no. This is your body, your baby and if you have done your reading, you will have more power because information is power. You may uncover that machines that monitor you in labor can have up to a 50% inaccuracy rate, can show false positives and make it more likely you will have a caesarean with continuous monitoring.

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What? Eat my placenta you are kidding, right? This is not the walking dead.

Whenever I see this topic I think of my cat when she had her kittens. Have you ever noticed after an animal gives birth the only way you can even tell is the end result, the babies. She ate the placenta off each kitten as it was born.

No I’m not comparing us to the animal kingdom but there are good reason animlas do it and why it is good for mom's as well.

The benifits of eating your placenta

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Maybe it should be called all day sickness not morning sickness.

Morning sickness sucks, the only good thing about is that it is a good sign that the pregnancy is progressing well. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

When we (my husband and I) decided that I should go off birth control, we talked about going overseas since neither of us had ever gone before, and one of my goals was go overseas at least once before I had kids. We planned and organized a trip to go to New York City for 10 days (we live in Australia).

Two weeks before we flew out I found out I was pregnant.

On the morning that we flew out I started to feel nauseous. I vomited for the first time at the station on the way to the airport. For the flight over to the US I threw up 8 times. I was stuck in bed for about half of all the days I was in holidays.

I did find a solution that worked once I got home. It was still a really good holiday even with the morning sickness.

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One of our readers recently asked about how to increase her milk supply.

It is believed that trying any supplements before birth will not help you increase your milk supply as hormones are released after you give birth to supplement your milk for baby.

So how do you increase your milk supply, especially if you are feeding more than one baby?

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